Working at TDEG

We are a very effective group of highly skilled professionals having a good time doing great work. Join us for a satisfying career. Check into our web site to learn more, or call us. Anyone of us will be happy to explain why you will want to become a member of The Di Salvo Engineering Group.

About TDEG

Can you give me a brief overview of your Company?

Started in 1973 in Ridgefield, CT, the firm has grown to become one of the largest consulting firms in the area dedicated exclusively to structural engineering. In 2018 the firm continued that growth with a branch office in Colorado.  Our award winning Institutional, Commercial, Industrial and Residential projects are located throughout the region.

Our Clients are Architects, Corporations, Construction Managers, Building Contractors and Owners, Users and Managers of building facilities. We also have worked with state and local governments.

What are the Company’s plans for new services and future growth?

With the steadily growing economy, the construction industry is also in a growth period. Fueled by this strong economy and continued building construction and renovation demand we plan on a strong growth period for our company and its Associates. In the past several years, the firm has successfully transitioned from original ownership to the next generation, and are well on our way to being ready to again transition to a third generation of leaders.

Who do you view as your major competitors and what sets you apart from them?

We are competing with, but also partnering with, the major Structural Engineering firms. New large sports arenas or high rise office buildings are typically designed by the large firms that are located in New York City or Boston. TDEG has working relationships with many of the contractors who build these structures, and we are asked to perform specialty engineering work that is delegated by the major firms. The scoreboard, lighting supports and railings at Yankee Stadium were all designed here at TDEG.

Our engineering skills and creativity are first and foremost. We also take great pride in our ability to provide our clients with exceptional service by listening to their needs and offering our expertise, leading to a successful partnering and ultimately to a successful project design for the owner.

Employment Opportunities

Do you have an internship or co-op program?

Each summer we have one or two interns who are studying a Civil Engineering program at various universities. We are also talking to students about co-operative positions with our firm for their co-op engineering studies.

These are valuable opportunities for student to “test drive” their career choices before making a full commitment. It also allows our Associates and Principals to learn more about the interns and how they would fit into our firm with a position after graduation.

Where do undergraduates typically start in your company?

Civil Engineering degree graduates generally start as Engineers working with project design teams led by Project Managers.

What about advanced degree graduates?

Those graduating with a Masters degree will start as Project Engineers and be exposed to more challenging technical assignments on the project design teams.

Are there also positions available for experienced candidates?

Yes. We currently have great opportunity for a candidate with five to seven years of experience. Those with experience in Structural Engineering can assume roles as Senior Project Engineers and for those with leadership interest there is the critical Project Manager position.

What types of compensation and benefits packages do you offer?

The TDEG compensation plan is simple and effective. We provide competitive regular income and retirement plan and profit based incentive compensation for performance. You have control over your compensation. We also offer a 401 (k) retirement plan. Further we offer a unique Compensated Time Off program for vacations and personal needs that is based on the time you work as well as your time of service with the firm. Our family medical and dental benefits are among the best in the industry.

Do you have a formal training program? If so, can you please describe it?

Orientation to our company procedures and systems is the first priority for your adjustment to the firm. You will be assigned to a Principal led design focus group with a Principal and Project Manager available to serve as mentors.

Formal training is anticipated at a minimum of 15 Professional Development Hours (PDH’s) per year. This is generally seminar, meeting and conference attendance. In-house “Tech Lunches” presented by our Associates are used to present new technology and design and materials concepts.

Formal continuing education is also encouraged and will be reimbursed by the firm for related studies.

Landing the Job

When, where and how do you recruit?

We are always looking for talented candidates. Our recruiting is simple and flexible; we will respond to all resumes received. Next we can arrange initial interviews with complete flexibility. The final interview should be at TDEG to give you the feel of our office and people.

Are there any interview tips you can provide interested candidates?

Be honest and open – we will be, also. Use this opportunity to learn about our firm and its work. Find out what we expect from you and share your ideas about what you want your career to bring to you. We look for competence, motivation and the attitude to succeed.

How about any red flags?

It is important for you to understand the building construction industry and our Structural Engineering contributions to it. You should visit our website to learn more about our company so that you can better understand how your talents and interests will contribute to our success.

Describe your ideal candidate.

The ideal candidate:

  • has excelled in school, but hasn’t stopped learning,
  • has a positive, problem-solving attitude that helps his team to win
  • will appreciate a workplace where every individual is important and their contributions are encouraged and acknowledged.
  • uses common sense
  • communicates often and well with others
  • is willing to offer and accept criticism

Working at TDEG

Describe your company’s unique culture and attitude.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to surpass the expectations of our clients with creative structural engineering solutions and exceptional service.

This goal is attained through the commitment of our staff to reach their objectives of personal and professional satisfaction.

Our goals are:

  1. To provide our clients with the best quality service at reasonable fees.
  2. To provide our Associates with basic compensation and benefits comparable to others within our profession and within the region and, through hard work and initiative, allow you to supplement your earnings through incentive compensation.

What makes your company a desirable working environment?

We have created an environment where you can excel in your profession and enjoy your work. Our Associates are team players and help each other succeed. We have a dynamic workplace that is moving along with trends that are sensitive to the needs of our staff to perform at their highest capabilities while respecting their lifestyles and family commitments.

Describe the typical workweek in terms of days and hours and the amount of expected travel.

Our workweek is 40 hours during the five weekdays. We will accommodate special requirements of the individual with flexible working hours as long as the needs of our clients are respected. Sometimes the project schedule requires additional effort beyond the basic 40-hour week. Again, to satisfy our clients, we encourage our associates to do whatever is required to deliver a quality project on schedule. We readily acknowledge this willingness to serve our clients and have structured our incentive compensation accordingly.

Our clients and project sites are generally within driving distance of our office, therefore extensive travel is not required. There will be more travel required to attend seminars and educational opportunities than for project work.

Do you have a dress code? If so, what is it?

Business casual – neat and comfortable to perform at your best.

Describe the level of diversity at your company.

No one will be denied opportunities or benefits on the basis of age, sex, color, race, creed, national origin, religious persuasion, marital status, political belief, or disability that does not prohibit performance of essential job functions; nor will anyone receive special treatment for those reasons. Based on this premise, we invite the best qualified applicants to join us.

Climbing the Company Ladder

What are the Most Important Attributes for Success in Your Company?

The most important attribute is attitude to succeed followed by motivation and initiative to get the job done. This requires you to apply your engineering knowledge to solve our clients’ problems, your communication skills to share your goals with the project team and common sense to understand the important issues in order to prioritize them.

What are the opportunities for growth and advancement with your firm? How does one advance?

We believe in challenging you to learn your true capabilities. We want you to be the best you can and want to be. Those interested in assuming responsibility are accommodated within their limits. Our firm benefits from your success so we will help you achieve.

The Principals and Project Managers, with many years of Structural Engineering and Project Management experience, are willing mentors to help you succeed and grow to your potential.

Describe the performance review process.

We conduct performance reviews for each Associate twice a year. These are structured to be exchanges of ideas about your growth and progress with agreed goals. One or two Principals will evaluate your contributions and listen to your thoughts about your responsibilities and interests. Together you will assess your progress with assignments and set future goals.

These exchanges are meant to encourage you to feedback your ideas of what you want to be doing for the company and how you want to get there.

Final Thoughts

Any final thoughts on your organization? Where can I learn more about your firm?

We are a very effective group of highly skilled professionals having a good time doing some great work. Join us for a satisfying career. Again, check into our web site to learn more, or call us. Anyone of us will be happy to explain why you will want to become a member of The Di Salvo Engineering Group.


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