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Waterfront Residence


Project Details

Located on an inlet of Long Island Sound, this $5 Million residence first needed to meet the flood provisions of the Building Code. As a result, the first (main)living level was set at five feet above the surrounding grade and only one foot above the 100 year flood elevation. Additionally, the Building Code specifies extremely high wind loads for coastal areas, so the final structural design involved steel beams and columns rigidly connected to massive doubly reinforced concrete footings. Inside, large open areas and a conical roof required bend and welded steel beams that were hidden in the wood framing of the roof structure.

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Project Details

  • Project:
    Waterfront Residence
  • Location:
    Darien, CT
  • Architect:
    Roger Bartels Associates

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The Di Salvo Engineering Group Structural Engineers (TDEG) is a professional engineering corporation offering comprehensive structural engineering services. Started in 1973 in Ridgefield, CT, the firm has grown to become one of the largest consulting firms in the area dedicated exclusively to structural engineering. In 2018 the firm continued that growth with a branch office in Colorado.

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