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Norwalk Police Facility


Project Details

The new Police Services Facility for Norwalk is comprised of two connected structures, a three-story main administration building and a two-story firing range building. The new facility is 60,000 square feet and has an estimated construction cost of $15 million.

The administration building houses the police department’s offices, administration services and detention cells while the rifle range houses the 85-foot long firing range. The buildings are steel-framed structures supported on concrete, spread footings. The floor system is a composite concrete, elevated floor slab supported on steel beams and columns. The roof system is a steel roof deck on cold-formed steel trusses, supported on steel beams and columns. The building resists seismic and wind lateral forces via concrete masonry shear walls. Because of the skewed shape of the main building, the lateral stability system had to be analyzed in two different orthogonal axes. To provide security in the detention area, the cells have precast, concrete plank ceilings supported on concrete masonry bearing walls.

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Project Details

  • Project:
    Norwalk Police Station
  • Location:
    Norwalk, CT
  • Architect:
    Valus & Carpenter, Architects

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